How Can Boston Restaurants be More Energy Smart?

On this blog, we normally review top Boston restaurants but we also like to give them advice from time to time. Today, we are featuring some ways in which restaurants can become more energy efficient.

Did you know: restaurants spend nearly 3-5% of their operating costs on energy? If a restaurant’s profit margin is small, imagine what this must be doing to their overall profit statement? Therefore, saving energy is the best possible way to increase profits.

energy smart

Here are 7 tips that every Boston restaurant can follow to become more energy efficient:


Any goal can be achieved through commitment. Every employee of the restaurant must be educated about the political, social and environmental impact of energy consumption and why becoming energy smart is the need of the hour. This can then motivate every one of us to use means and methods that can change the pattern of energy use.


Continued assessment is also necessary while on the journey of becoming energy efficient. Management can establish baselines and assess and measure against them to ensure that energy is effectively used and not wasted.

Set goals

Management must also establish dates by which everyone needs to achieve the energy-related targets. Time to time reviews on objectives and constraints can further clear up the path to smarter energy usage.

Create a plan of action

Restaurant management should create technical guidelines regarding these goals so that users can easily follow necessary steps.  Roles and responsibilities should be clearly spelt out.  Complex initiatives must be met by considering setting aside finances from earlier savings where applicable.

Implement the plan of action

If needed, certain procedures and appliances must be changed to conform to the new plan set up in the steps above. Train the users regarding these new changes and also continually monitor and assess their performance.

Evaluate progress

To see if the goals and targets are being achieved, it is only right that restaurant management continually assesses and evaluates progress. This can help one establish best practices that have shown good results. Adjustments can also be made and presented during subsequent evaluations.

Reward achievers

It is important to motivate the employees and teams which have been successful in the project. External rewards and achievements can also be obtained through media, local newspapers, blogs like this one or other third party organizers.

Quick tips for energy smart operation for Boston restaurants:

Energy savings can be achieved by Boston restaurants in categories such as: refrigeration, cooking and lighting. These quick tips can help one save in these areas and increase restaurant profits:

  • Install thermostat- This can amount to nearly 1% savings in annual energy bills.
  • Use ceiling fans all year round and not only in summer- In the winters, the ceiling fans can help circulate the warm air to the ground below to warm occupants.
  • Conduct regular HVAC checks-HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Call the electric repair services to conduct checks to see if these appliances are working as desires. To schedule a service, click here.
  • Inspect door gaskets of refrigerators. This is important to make them efficient and prevent outside air from entering.
  • Replace all incandescent lamps with LEDs or compact fluorescent or CFLs.
  • Use LED exit signs and also make use of dimmers to lower costs and energy consumption.

There is certainly a lot more that Boston restaurants can do to become energy efficient and these tips are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

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