Best African Restaurants in the Boston Area

It is strange what conversations can lead to food. A friend was recently talking to me about the best pest control in south africa when the subject of African Cuisine came up. He asked if there were any good African restaurants in the Boston area. He loved them but he couldn’t find any. After a quick search on Google, it was found that there were plenty of African restaurants in the area. In fact, some of them were very highly rated. Here were some of the best.


This restaurant is located smack in the middle of Boston on Washington St. and Massachusetts Ave. (South End). They have a menu full of succulent African cuisine made with fresh vegetables, chicken, fish, and lamb. There is a lunch and dinner, brunch, and for the vegetarians out there, a veggie menu made especially for you. There are also a number of unique African drinks available. Most of the dishes are fairly inexpensive and an entire meal will probably run you $10 to $20.

Baraka Café

This is a fairly well known African restaurant located in Cambridge. They have a fairly small lunch and dinner menu that has the standard faire of chicken, fish, and lamb. Their salad and entrée menu is fairly limited, but do have some great choices. Their prices are a bit more expensive and an entire meal would run one person $20 to $40.

However, despite their limitations, their food is of very fine quality and is very highly rated. If you are in Cambridge and are in the mood for African food. You couldn’t do much better than this restaurant.


This is a moderately well-known African restaurant that is located in Waltham. They are a more a-la-carte restaurant, but they have a staggering number of choices on their menu. Most of their entrées are fairly inexpensive and the sides and drinks won’t cost you that much. An entire meal here will probably cost a person $15 to $30.

Like the Teranga this restaurant is vegetarian and vegan friendly, and offers a large number of entrees and sides in this category on their menu. They also have a shocking number of drinks and traditional African deserts on their menu.

This is one of the better African restaurants in the whole Boston area, and for the versatility, price, and value, you couldn’t do wrong by going here.

Ashur Restaurant

This restaurant is located in Boston, between King and Elmwood St. on Roxbury St. This is sort of a Hybrid African restaurant as they offer African dishes as well as traditional American and dishes of other nationalities. They are also different in that they offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have a good selection of chicken, fish, and lamb dishes, and their prices are inexpensive. On top of that, their food is highly praised by many critics. An entire meal here would probably cost around $8 to $20.

The Ashur restaurant is great for those not wanting a full African restaurant experience, but are still looking for good food.

Of all the African Restaurants in the area, these are some of the best. Do a search on Google to find great African and other restaurants in the area.

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