Did You Know the Fountain of Youth is right here in Boston?

bostonWhat if I told you that the key to everlasting youth was inside the world’s most abundant element more formally known as H2O?  Order a glass of liquid vitality next time you visit your favorite Boston eatery.  No, not beer silly.  Have a glass of water with your meal.  It keeps your skin bright with a healthy tone to it, and keeps everything your body needs to do by keeping you hydrated.  Don’t just look at it as having some before and after your exercise routine bottled, already pure, filtered and ready to go.  Have a glass while you enjoy your dinner out.  It helps break down the food you ingest and works to keep your system cleansed.  Have your glass of wine by your side if you must, no problem there.  Just be sure to have a little water while you eat to help your digestion and take away a bloated feeling you can get when there’s alcohol or sugary drinks involved.

Don’t just go for the bottled water, get a filter on your own kitchen sink.  It combats hard water issues and saves on plastic used from bottles.  A common household issue is more formally known as hard water build up. A build up in drinking water to form a combination of positively charged metals known as ions. These ions present themselves in the form of calcium and magnesium and in time alter a water molecules charge. I know what you are thinking. How can a simple magnesium ion alter my genetics? The answer is simple. According to a recent study done by Harvard University, the federal addition of fluoride fused into our water source not only delays brain development in children. But it also alters the way young human beings speak. For this reason adding a water softener filtration system can easily become a major addition to your wellbeing. Don’t believe me? Check out this vital information on the best water softeners to help shape your opinion. Who knows you may soon discover something about your everyday drinking water that you never knew.

When it comes to water filtration systems, many Americans out there often fall victims to a lack of options. As kids we are often told in schools that water makes up nearly 75% of our bodies, yet we as adults have no idea where our water truly comes from. Truth is our water is just as healthy as our planet. You can change this by investing in the GE General Electric water softener system. This system is truly one of the more popular ones on the market because of its durability. With a manufacturing history derived from electrical appliances this product is highly capable of helping households transform their water systems to become more conducive to one’s natural body chemistry and ph.

But disregard all the scientific talk, another helpful tidbit to keep in mind before visiting your favorite Boston eatery (that is both good for you and will prevent you from turning to the more unhealthy options) is a good old-fashioned smoothie, made by one of the awesome blenders found at http://www.blenderjudge.com/ of course; need more info? Just take a look at the source here.

Happy eating! (Or drinking in this case)



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