Do you want to get more customers? Then keep your restaurant clean!

restaurant-cleaning-melbourneBack in early 1970’s, there was a famous commercial with such an amazing song. The lyrics went something like this: “Grab a bucket and mop. Scrub the bottom and top. There is nothing so clean as my burger machine!” And guess what, it was a McDonald’s commercial! See, even McDonald’s believed that cleanliness is very important. Keeping your establishment clean and organized all the time not only makes it a better place for your employees to work on, but a more pleasant place for your customers to visit. As what most business experts say, cleanliness is the most important things to consider when running a restaurant. One dirty experience for costumers, and they will never come back again. These days, customers are not as forgiving when it comes to food. When they decide to go out and spend the money that they’ve worked hard for, they expect to have a good experience. Simply put if you were in the position of a customer, would you want to eat in a filthy place? Needless to say, of course not. So if you’re running your own restaurant, here are some ideas to keep your place clean:

  • Provide an employee training. 

Since your staff are the front line of defense against dirt in your restaurant, it is very crucial that they understand the importance of sanitation and cleanliness, as well as they know how to perform the proper cleaning procedures. As the owner, it is your responsibility to provide them the training they need so they will be able to give what you expect from them. Also make sure that they have knowledge about health codes and other sanitation guidelines that your establishment should follow.

  • Assign you crew an area to clean, and establish a cleaning schedule. 

Make sure that in every area in your restaurant, there is at least one crew that is responsible for keeping it clean. It’s much effective if you form a team and build a schedule. For instance, Team 1 is required to maintain the tables, countertops, and chairs everyday; Team 2 is required to clean the walls, ceiling, and windows every other day; and Team 3 is in charge to sanitize the kitchen and bathroom at least thrice a week, etc. The schedule depends upon you, but remember, there are some tasks that require an attention on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis, so you would also want to rotate the responsibilities so that one employee isn’t stuck with the hard task all the time.

  • Purchase quality cleaning items. 

Aside from the food and kitchen items, the cleaning supplies are also one of the most important things in commercial establishments. Well, it is not necessary that you should buy the most expensive product that is offered in the market to make sure your restaurant is clean. All that it takes is to select the most appropriate cleaning equipment you need to get the job done. For instance, if your restaurant has hardwood flooring and you need a vacuum to make it clean, you would purchase a quality vacuum for hardwood floors instead of vacuum for carpets. The proper tools will help your crew perform their job much faster and easier. If you would like to know more about the type of vacuum cleaners, visit Some of the usual cleaning items that you would want to stock in your restaurant may include the following:

  • Brooms and dustpans
  • Wet/dry vacuum cleaners
  • Janitorial brushes and squeegees
  • Buckets, bottles, hoses, sprayers
  • Sanitizing and housekeeping chemicals
  • Gloves and towels
  • Mats and mops
  • Scrubbers and sponges
  • Wet floor signs
  • Waste bins/recycling containers
  •  Take an unannounced visit or tour in your restaurant. 

To make sure that your staff is doing their job and following the correct cleaning procedure you’ve provided through training, conduct an unannounced inspection in your restaurant. Look at everything from outside to inside to make sure that the proper cleaning techniques are being implemented. Then ask yourself, if you were a customer, would you eat there? Sure, operating a restaurant takes a lot of hard work, but it’s truly rewarding if you do your job well. Remember, the cleaner your place is, the more customers will likely to visit it.

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