Family Friendly Restaurants in Boston

mid-range restaurants

If you are wondering which restaurants can be termed as family friendly, then off course it is those that make parents and kids happy about when they go for dining together as a one big family. If your children enjoy their food along with the elders, parents, grand parents, friends, etc, if the place is very much suitable to have a family get together, or a birthday party for your kids, then that place is very much suitable to be called as family friendly restaurant. Though there are countless options for dining in Boston, few of them are much more popular as family friendly dining places.

Below are some of the best family friendly restaurants as per the Boston local reports. You can check out various restaurants and their reviews here:

1. Jae’s cafe & Grill

This restaurant offers pan Asian cuisine where kids can eat eel or the caterpillar role or the avocado sushi for just $8.95. Besides the other amenities, this restaurant offers separate cabin rooms for your family to offer enough privacy.

2. Sel De La Terre

If you are fond of French cuisine, then this is a great option for your family. Childrens menu is quite popular and comes with pasta, hamburgers, green salads, vegetables and balsamic vinaigrette. Rosemary topping fries are very popular among the other dishes.

3. La Verdad

If you love to eat tacos, quesadillas, burritos, and other sea food which look bright in color, you can imagine how good it is for your kids who have bad appetite. Shrimp tacos are quite popular as most families prefer sea food in this restaurant.

4. Mr. Bartley’s Burger cottage

This is a very popular restaurant where celebrities burgers like Hillary Clinton are sold for $9.45. Children’s menu is also available, however if you are a junior sports nut fan, then you might enjoy burgers of celebrities like Kevin Garnett with chili, salsa, cheese, and sour cream toppings.

5. Durgin Park

This restaurant serves heavy broiled and fried pasta and sea food which is really a kid friendly restaurant. Locals as well as Boston visitors will surely try out this place where you can eat cooked in crocks baked beans which is very popular dish in this restaurant.

6. Barking crab

This restaurant is located in Fort point near the waterfront. It is very popular sea food beach restaurant in the city. As the restaurant is very close to the children’s museum in Boston, you can just grab a dinner and visit the museum.visit the original source for more details.

mid-range restaurants

7. Kaze shabu shabu

If you are looking out for an ordinary family dining place, then cook your own dishes like veggies, sliced meat and tofu in different broths and flavors. As this is located in the China town, you can have great options along with dining and shopping. Usually older families love to visit this place and explore sights and shops in China town.

8. The Dogwood Cafe

Being featured in the pizza crawl, the restaurant offers pasta, salads, burgers and cheese pies. Every pizza here is named after the trees found near the restaurant.

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