Fast Food Staff Scholarships

Fast Food Staff Scholarships

Fast food is quite tempting and is loved by almost anyone in this world. Not only they are tasty, but easy and quick to get and eat them whether you are in a hurry or you go on a trip where you cannot spend lot of time in restaurants. These days many fast foods also provide drive through which is much more convenient than before. For management trainees and student interns at fast food avenues, getting college scholarships is very popular. For those qualifying scholarships are employees, their children, local high school students etc.

This article speaks about various scholarships offered to the fast food staff or their children who can benefit in pursuing their higher education. Below are some of the most popular and authentic scholarship programs offered by many fast food vendors. You can refer to many more fast food scholarships here:

1. KFC Scholarship

This Kentucky Fried chicken (KFC) colonel’s scholarship is a national aid open for any high school going students. The award for this is intended for supporting school going students seeking a 4 year degree at the public schools in their residing states. Apply somewhere mid-February every year.

Monetary benefits

Award amount comes up to $5,000 every year until they complete the 2 year college. In case they wish to pursue their bachelor’s degree then the award amount will be $20,000.


● The award recipient should be high school senior scoring an average GPA of 2.75
● should be able to show they are in need of financial aid
● Also the recipient should plan to enroll in the in state or public college or university as soon as they complete their high school.
● Should complete the online application

2. Ronald McDonald House charity Scholarship

RMHC scholarship offers scholarship for high school students who demonstrate financial need, extra curricular involvement and academic achievement. The award amount is not fixed and varies depending upon various criteria. They also offer Asia-pacific, African American and/or Black caribbean and Latino/Hispanic scholarships. National employee scholarship amounts to $2,500. Make sure to apply every more details at her latest blog post.


● All recipients should live in the jurisdiction of RMHC facility.
● You should be at the most 21 years of age or younger
● should have enrolled as full time college or school student
● All applicants should submit the online application

Burger King Scholars program

Burger King offers ample numbers of scholarships for students, dependent employee children and staff. Employees, customers, suppliers and McLamore family foundation awards 100x$1,000 awards, 4x$5,000 regional, 1x$25,000 and 3x$50,000 awards.


● General track and staff track awards need the students to enroll in 2 or 4 year college program or technical program. The staff recipients may enroll even opt for part time and all others have to enroll for a full time study.

Fast Food Staff Scholarships

● Should score a minimum average GPA of 2.5

● Employee track applicants should score at least 2.0 throughout their studies.

● James McLamore scholarship should be high school seniors or graduates planning to enroll as full time students at non profit, or accredited or 4 year college. They should score a GPA of 3.3 and meet minimum score requirements in ACT or SAT. Candidate should also demonstrate work experience and extra curricular activity.

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