Great Reasons to Consider Engaging Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing or mountaineering is that type of adrenaline-pumping sport that only people who are adventurous are considered fit enough to participate in. To the uninitiated, mountain climbing is one too risky activity that people should not even waste their time, and life, taking part in. This may come with the question, what is there to gain from mountain climbing anyway? Let’s have a look at some of these reasons or benefits.

Muscle toning and strengthening

Not very many exercises can compare to mountain climbing in the effect produced on muscles in your body. This sport works on numerous muscles in the upper and lower sections of your body. Mountain climbing targets muscles in your fingers, arms, shoulders, thighs, legs, back, neck and stomach. These muscles are made firmer and stronger as a result of engaging in this exercise.

the joy of mountain climbing

Stress relief

Stress is a serious problem that leads to or worsens several medical conditions. The sad truth is that many things and happening in our lives can put us under stress.  Mountain climbing can be a great stress buster since the activity demands your full attention when you are at it. Your mind is freed from worries about what difficult tasks need to be done or bills to be paid.

Self awareness

Mountain climbing helps to promote self awareness, a great quality that could help keep you safe always. You are required to pay attention to everything around you and the way you move your body when climbing so as to stay safe. This can help to improve your self-awareness greatly.


Your self esteem and confidence level stand to benefit from mountain climbing as well. Climbing can appear rather dreadful. But after conquering a peak or two, you may find out that your fears have greatly diminished. You can become more confident and less scared of standing up to frightening challenges and people since your ability to master your fears would have improved through mountain climbing.


Mountain climbing can also help in enhancing your ability to persevere – a useful ingredient for success is just about anything you do. You already have a goal of reaching the top when starting to climb. With this goal in mind, you keep trying your best to achieve that goal without minding the challenges along the way. You can learn from this that, if you really persevere, you may actually achieve everything you set your mind to.

Not always very risky

While it is true that mountain climbing could be quite risky, this is not always the case. Some mountains are less risky to climb such that all skill levels can be catered to. For instance, Kinabalu mountain climbing is open to climbers from as young as 10 years up to 80 years. This shows that mountain climbing does not always have to be very risky.

There you have some great reasons or benefits that make mountain climbing an activity you should consider participating in. Mountain climbing can also help to improve your social skills since you will need to relate with other people as you may have to rely on them for your safety.

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