Great Restaurants for College Students in the Boston Area



A friend started going to school for radiation therapy school in Boston (it’s a great school to visit by the way) and was complaining about there not being any good restaurants for Boston College Students to go to. We aren’t talking about fast food, we are talking about a nice, sit down restaurant. He was complaining that none of them were affordable. So some research was done to find nice and affordable restaurants for Boston College students.

Sunset Grill and Tap

Located in Allston, this restaurant offers a really good variety of “classic American food.” They boast one of the largest collections of beers on the east coast (113 taps and approximately 380 microbrews and imports). They also have a great selection of food such as their award winning Beer Burgers and curly fries, BBQ, fish, and pasta meals. One of their biggest boasts is the Monday and Tuesday all you can eat BBQ Ribs for $16.99.

Carlo’s Cucina

If Italian restaurants are more your thing, Carlos Cucina might be right for you. This restaurant is located in Allston, and has won the “Boston’s Best Authentic Italian Food” award. This restaurant has a wide variety of soups, salads, and appetizers (appetizers usually serve more than one person) for under $16. Of these dishes the soups tend to be cheaper, coming in at the $6 to $8 range. Their wide variety of pastas come in at the $16 to $22 range. This restaurant also has a very nice selection of wines for wine aficionados.

Anna’s Taqueria

If you like Mexican food, this restaurant will tickle your fancy. They have been in business since 1995 and have six locations spread around the Boston Area. You can order some of the best Quesadillas, Tacos, and Burritos in the area, and pay less than $7 for a filling meal.

They do not have a very large variety on their menu, but what they do have will give you your fill for excellent Mexican food. They also have a great “Mexican Breakfast” menu and have fresh, specialty made drinks to go with their meals.

Qingdao Garden

Everybody loves a good Chinese restaurant. Qingdao garden is a restaurant located in Cambridge that escapes the typical “buffet style” Chinese restaurant and delivers a great food experience.

They have a wide variety of classic and unique Chinese meals, freshly prepared, that fall inside the $7 to $10 range. They also have more exotic choices as well that you will not pay more than $17 for. This is a great place to go for Chinese food that doesn’t come on a buffet and isn’t of questionable quality.

Café Amsterdam

This is a sandwich restaurant that is located in South Boston. They have a great selection of sandwiches, salads, and other foods. After you “build your own meal” you will probably end up with a bill that is under $12. You could just get one of their specialty sandwiches that are usually under $8. On top of all this greatness, they deliver as well. This is great for a college student that has to study but has no time to get something to eat.

There are some wonderful restaurants that are inexpensive and nice for college students. These are just a few. So my friend in radiation school can’t say there aren’t any good restaurants for college students, as there are many that serve great food at a good price.

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