Largest restaurant in Boston

Seaport District building

Most of the harborside restaurants focus on attracting younger crowd. If you are looking for the largest restaurant in Boston, then you are at the right place. If you are leading a normal life style, then going to such big restaurants would be a great pride and honor for you. Off course largest restaurant is something special where you can go and enjoy with your friends and family or have a huge get together. Legal sea foods has opened their largest restaurants in Boston. Here you can find a place where you can enjoy your champagne and burgers while enjoying watching the sea full post at


The restaurant, The harborside is one of the latest off spring of the 61 year old company and has already been focusing on serving many unusual sea food items all year round. The customers have been loving all the innovative dishes the restaurant is serving. Since all the businesses have to mandatorily evolve in order to survive, this restaurant has also been changing ever since they have opened. The Legal Test Kitchens (LTK) features pumpkin ravioli as well as lobster mac and cheese.

Location specifications

What do you mean by largest? It is always measured in dimensions. This restaurant in Boston measures around 20,000 square ft, 600 seater restaurant at the Liberty Wharf in Boston. This location has 3 dining areas

1. The first level or the ground floor

Pizza, tuna melts, and other fishes are featured in most of the dishes here. This location is very close to the fish market and catch and release trout ponds available for children.

2. The 2nd level

This is a high end featured dining room with special sea food unusually available anywhere else in the town.

3. The 3rd level at the deck

This deck has a retractable roof and also has an outdoor fireplace. At the corner there is an oyster bar which is usually open year round.

Why should you even visit this restaurant?

They are the biggest restaurants in Boston town and this itself is the main reason why would anyone want to visit. Besides this, the waterfront is very popular and loved by all age group of people. Hence they would definitely want to visit this place. Being a harbor restaurant, people would love to watch the ships landing into the harbor, loading and unloading while they have their lunch, snacks or dinner.

Seaport District building

Besides this, the restaurant is located in the central area where there are other popular restaurants like Jerry Remy’s sports bar and grill, etc. Besides this, people are embracing less formal, but healthy dining options which can be easily found at Harborside restaurant. Your kids can enjoy fishing in the locally developed trout.

Very close to the pond you can visit the 3 storey waterfall falling over the metal fish scales, which is another beautiful attraction of this restaurant. On the first floor you can enjoy the 3 ring circus atmosphere where you can have counter seating ringing the open kitchen. Also you can find the sushi, sandwiches, raw fish and a pond.

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