Payroll Services in Australia

For any business, payroll services is extremely important in determining how much they have to pay their employees. As a business owner, you would understand the importance of paying your employees on time, as it is your employees that spend hours ensuring that your business would make profit. As their employer, it is your job to look after them and to pay them on time. Unlike before, employers no longer need to do the payroll calculations on their own, they can simply outsource it now. And for those who have businesses in Australia and are worried about finding a good payroll service, here are a few of our suggestions of some payroll services in Australia.

payroll service in australia


This is an internet based firm that works with Australian businesses and it works with medium and small sized businesses. Their services are efficient, reliable and confidential, and to ensure that they are delivering a quality service, businesses can try out the demo before they pay for the real deal. This is a great way to experience their service before you actually pay for it.

Using this Australian payroll service would be cost efficient and easy. All you have to do is follow 4 simple steps to get started, and then you can use this service from anywhere. You first need to make a new account, enter all the information regarding your employees and their payments, print everything and confirm them. The rest will be handled by CloudPayroll. It’s that simple!


This Australian payroll service provider has been in this market for over 20 years! That’s right, you will be hiring more than just a simple payroll service; you will be hiring proper experience. This service is also internet based, and they offer a feature called ePayroll, which enables you to handle your payroll system on your own if you don’t want to hand it over to anyone else. This is recommended for small businesses.

For those who do want to hand their payroll problems to Aussiepay, they can easily do so, by giving them all the information that they need so that they can provide their managed services to you. Each of the options that they present to you has their own benefits, and as a business owner, it is up to you to weigh the pros and the cons to decide which would be best for your business.


Yet another payroll service provider that serves Australian businesses, this one also deals with business owners in New Zealand as well. Their service is effective, simple and reliable, and they tailor each individual service according to the needs of the client. With the help of their team of professionals, they are determined to provide a fitting solution to your business’s payroll problems.

This Australian payroll service provides more than just that. You will be surprised at what else they can help your business out with. Human resources, for example, is another one of their services provided, and that is just an example of what other services they provide, as such as reporting, rostering, etc.

Bottom Line

Payroll services are extremely important in running a successful business. And if you happen to be a business owner in Australia, you now have several different options to outsource your payroll services to.